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Legal Nurse Consulting Services

What a Legal Nurse Consultant can do for you

  • Determination of the Nursing Standard of Care
  • Review cases to determine merit before a lawsuit begins
  • Review cases that are already filed, for either plaintiff or defense, to provide useful chronologies of the records and concise reports on the medical and nursing issues
  • Describe and/or summarize injuries and treatment
  • Identify and review relevant medical records, hospital policies and procedures and other essential documents
  • Provide reports on research (literature search) to support the medical and nursing issues involved that may include:
    • specific standards of care
    • appropriate peer-reviewed journal articles
    • authoritative text references
  • Review medical records or other medical information for issues that have an impact on a legal matter
  • Organize and analyze medical records and determine missing medical records
  • Prepare reports, chronologies, time lines, medical fact reports, summaries, overviews regarding medical records and issues
  • Identify standards of care that relate to the case, identify causation and damages
  • Collaborate in developing strategies for medically related issues
  • Aid in preparing demonstrative evidence and exhibits for deposition and trial
  • Review medical files and provide informed support in workman's compensation or personal injury
  • Provide support in medical depositions, including preparing questions
  • Investigate issues and prepare reports regarding potential fraud related to health care providers
  • Review medical bills to determine over-billing, mistaken billing, misrepresentation, etc.
  • Investigate potential misconduct by health care personnel, requested by the licensing boards for healthcare professionals
  • Investigate fraud and abuse of Medicare, Medicaid and other government funded agencies
  • Assess potential risk management problem areas in acute care hospitals, clinics, surgery centers etc. and provide education and support
  • Assume the role of expert witness to medical and nursing facts which are limited to areas of personal and professional expertise
The role of the legal nurse consultant is to evaluate, and render informed nursing
opinions on the delivery of healthcare issues and resulting outcomes.

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Lora Lee is an expert witness and aLegal Nurse Consultant (LNC).